Bike Types

1. Mountain Bike (Outdoor)

This is a mountain bike that is durable and rugged, able to ride through rough irregular trails. It has wide and flat handlebars that can facilitate control and wide tires with a knobby tread for traction.

The final version of the mountain bike is Flame Bike.

2. Speed Bike (Outdoor)

Speed bikes allow you to climb hills, and deal with obstacles and different types of terrain a lot better. This typically requires the rider to be more fit or skilled than the average rider in order to cycle through the same type of terrain.

The final upgraded version of the speed bike is a Lightening Bike.

⚡️ The speed of the bike is "lightning" fast, fast as lightning!

3. Universal Bike (Outdoor)

The Universal Bike has one frame to fit them all. The Bike's frame can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of riders and their riding styles. A great choice for your next family adventure, your trip to the store, your commute to work, or for cardio while you breathe in some fresh air.

💥 The final upgraded version of the universal bike is a Bubble Bike.

4. Ant Bike (Indoor)

The "Ant Bike" is for the Metaverse and it has amazing durability!

Ants are considered to be the strongest in the world because they can lift objects that are disproportionate to their tiny size. Unbelievably, their tiny size is the key to how they can do this. The Ant Bike copied this ability from the ants which has given the bike its amazing durability attributes.

💥 The final upgraded version of the ant bike is a "Beam Bike".

5. Dog Bike (Indoor)

The "Dog Bike" is an amazing Metaverse Bike. The Bike is friendly and has rapid speed! Dogs have been the best companions for humans throughout the centuries. Some dogs can reach similar speeds to that of a cheetah. You can say they are "quick to be kind."

💥 The final upgraded version of the dog bike is a "Hologram Bike".

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