What makes BikeN unique?

BikeN plans to transform the indoor and outdoor biking experience for bike enthusiasts around the world.

From the creation of the app, BikeN has sought to help people hit fitness goals while helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of sickness and disease. It motivates users through the reward system to stay active as much as possible. Once users download the app and create a wallet, they can purchase a bike NFT to start earning in the games Indoor or Outdoor mode. While pedaling through streets, roads, cross country or multiple terrains, users can earn BikeN Tokens (BKN). All Bikes return BKN at different rates. The higher the quality of the bike, the more durable and less need to repair, resulting in optimal earning potential of BKN. The quality and type of Bike allows the players to earn more BKN per mile traveled

Also, BikeN plans to transform the indoor and outdoor biking experience by providing access to a fun and interactive virtual world. Indoor users can transform their living room into a virtual world with creative backgrounds and access to the metaverse while outdoor users could take part in tracking and mapping their route, both competing to achieve leaderboard rankings and interacting with each other and with millions of other bike enthusiasts around the world.

Furthermore, BikeN plans to help individuals in countries who lack financial and work opportunities by giving people an alternative way to earn an income for them and their families. The project plans to host future competitions and Cycling Marathons where players can compete online.

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