Workout Modes

Players can choose an “Indoor” or “Outdoor” mode.

In the Outdoor Mode, players need to select a Terrain Mode and Bike outdoors respectively to the terrain chosen.

With Indoor Mode, players can experience the Metaverse, benefit from chat features to connect with friends and family, and enjoy the creative imagery available through Virtual Reality backgrounds.

Please note that you can get the rewards for a maximum of 20 miles per day. After 20 miles, you can still ride but there will be no rewards.


You can cycle with your friends in the Metaverse and Earn BKN & BKV.

There is only one mode available while you are cycling indoors - Cross Country mode. Your ability to stay on course and complete checkpoints plays a part in earning BKN & BKV.

  • Cross Country Mode Cross Country Mode is available while playing in the Metaverse. It is achievable by using the BIKEN Kit that includes the VR Headsets and a Bluetooth Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor. Players in the Metaverse are encouraged to complete checkpoints to earn higher amounts of BKV and travel long distances in the Metaverse to earn distance points for leaderboard ranking. Multiple selections of creative imagery and backgrounds are available through BIKEN’s Metaverse.


Cycle with family, friends and loved ones in the real world to earn BKN & BKV.

There are Streets, Roads, Cross Country or Multiple Terrains modes available while you bike outdoor. Your ability to navigate through different modes plays a part in BKN & BKV earnings.

  • Street Mode - Having the ability to navigate through streets and traffic will result in better BKN earnings while riding your bike. Stopping and going will not affect your earnings as you will be measured in distance.

  • Road Mode - Less stopping and going will lead to faster accumulation of BKN and get you to acquire more distance points for leaderboard ranking.

  • Cross Country Mode - Long distance and cross country cycling is defined by the terrain on which it is performed. Players are encouraged to stay on highways or bike routes to achieve higher results of earning BKN and distance points for leaderboard ranking.

  • Multiple Terrains Mode - Also known as “rough riding” involves cycling over a variety of surfaces, topography and terrains. Focusing on freedom of travel and ability over varied surfaces, multiple terrain cycling will earn you higher amounts of BKN for distance traveled. Players will also be entered into a separate leaders board for distance traveled on multiple terrains.

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